Hair Transplant in Istanbul: High Quality at Competitive Prices

Hair transplant surgery is often the only solution to hair loss, primarily when your genes are the culprits. It can stimulate your natural hair’s regrowth, making it infinitely better than medicines and creams many recommend. It doesn’t require several or repeat sessions; you can restore your hair in one sitting, although you must wait about a year to see the results.

Have you considered hair transplantation in the US but ditched the idea because of astronomical costs? You’re not alone. Many can’t afford the operation and come to terms with their new appearance, silently hoping their hair would grow back.

However, others turn to Turkey and its metropolitan Istanbul. Here’s why.

Why is Istanbul a global hub for hair transplants?

Turkey’s medical tourism has been booming for years, with thousands of people worldwide traveling to this Eurasian country to restore their hair at a fraction of the cost.

A hair transplant in Turkey costs significantly less than in many other countries. Take the United States, for example. If you haven’t done your homework, here are the numbers: you must pay between $12,400 to $18,900 for hair transplantation in the US.

You can save 70–90% with hair transplantation in Turkey. The operation costs between $1,600 and $8,500, depending on the method, the number of transplanted grafts, the surgeon’s expertise, your chosen clinic, and extra services.

What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

Hair clinics in Turkey charge less for hair transplants because the country has a lower cost of living and a cheaper healthcare system than the US. Additionally, the Turkish lira keeps plunging, currently standing at 18.88 against the US dollar.

Since the country’s economy doesn’t affect hair transplant quality, you don’t need to worry about the results. They’ll be how you want them – if you choose a reputable clinic. That’s the case with any operation, regardless of location.

Estevien Clinic: A world-renowned hair transplantation center

Estevien Clinic is a world-renowned hair transplant clinic in the heart of Istanbul. It has an expert medical team with trained, certified, experienced physicians dedicated to patient safety and satisfaction. The authentic patient reviews we’ve combed through speak volumes about the staff’s professionalism and expertise.

One of them is Dr. Okan Morkoç, the clinic’s founder and lead surgeon specializing in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery, including hair transplants. His 25+ years of experience and 25,000+ successful operations make him an excellent choice for your hair transplant in Istanbul.

Dr. Okan Morkoç works with Dr. Esin Eğilmez, a hair transplant surgeon, anesthesiologist, and co-founder of the Turkish Society for Hair Restoration Surgery. They make an excellent team, working together at another clinic that Dr. Morkoç founded – Sapphire Hair Clinic.

What can you expect from a hair transplant at Estevien Clinic?

Estevien Clinic focuses on three innovative hair transplant techniques, each minimally invasive, requiring only local anesthesia, and providing natural-looking results.

You can undergo the traditional FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), which requires a steel-blade motorized surgical device. The surgeon uses it to make tiny slits in the donor area, extract hair, open micro-canals in the recipient site, and insert the harvested grafts.

The Sapphire FUE hair transplant method is more advanced. It involves the same steps, but the surgeon uses a tool with sapphire blades. That means more precision and less damage to the hair and scalp. You can also recover faster.

The DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method is the most cutting-edge. It includes using the so-called Choi implanter, a pen-like tool with a hollow needle for simultaneous extraction and transplantation. Instead of making incisions, the surgeon removes hair follicles with the device, loading it up before directly inserting the grafts in the balding areas.

Whether you choose the FUE, Sapphire FUE, or DHI transplantation technique, you can expect the same results – no visible scarring, fast recovery, and natural hair growth within a year.

Estevien Clinic’s all-inclusive packages

Estevien Clinic offers all-inclusive packages for hair transplant operations and other procedures. You only need to get your plane ticket and leave the rest to the clinic.

You don’t need to worry about booking a hotel, finding an airport shuttle, or calling a cab to reach the clinic. Estevien Clinic will take care of everything and provide additional perks.

Here’s what every patient gets when scheduling an operation with Estevien Clinic:

  • Free, non-binding consultation;
  • Pre-op blood work;
  • Accommodation and transportation;
  • Hair transplant with the maximum number of grafts;
  • Mesotherapy treatment (during and after the surgery);
  • Antibiotics to take after the procedure;
  • Hair products to use post-operation;
  • One-year follow-ups;
  • Warranty certificate (valid for 30 years).

Rhinoplasty procedures at Estevien Clinic

Surgeons at Estevien Clinic don’t perform only hair transplant procedures. They also specialize in eyebrow and beard transplants, dental aesthetics, bariatric surgery, LASIK surgery, and plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty (nose job) is among its most sought-after operations.

You can choose between open and closed rhinoplasty, depending on the issue you want to correct.

Open rhinoplasty can help with breathing problems due to a specific congenital condition or traumatic injury. It can involve restructuring your nose or improving its curvature to enable you to breathe normally. Reshaping or resizing your nose for better aesthetics is also a possibility.

Closed rhinoplasty is better for changing your nasal tip’s size or shape or fixing minor problems, primarily if you’re getting a nose job for the first time. It leaves no scars since the incisions are within the nostrils, unlike open rhinoplasty, which requires cutting between them.

How much does rhinoplasty in Turkey cost? It ranges between $2,500 and $3,000, depending on the procedure and the surgeon’s expertise. You’ll pay from $5,500 to $20,000 if you get a nose job in the US.

Will you go to Istanbul for your cosmetic surgery?

You’ll save thousands of dollars if you choose a hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Estevien Clinic is an excellent choice for a high-quality hair transplant at a competitive price.

Check its patients’ reviews to see why it stands out; we’re confident you’ll like what you read. You can also schedule a free online consultation to learn more about its services and make an informed decision.

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