The simplest way to play Sam Loc for beginners

For many bettors, Sam Loc is a very attractive and interesting game. But for many new people who don’t know anything, this card game is much more difficult. So how to play Sam Loc in the simplest and easiest way to understand? Let’s New88 Follow the following article.
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Overview of Sam cyclone 

Sam cyclone is a game based on 52 card poker. This type is quite popular in Vietnam, especially in the North. The rules of the game are quite similar to the progressive format. However, it can be easily seen that this game has basic charms and characteristics that other card games do not have.

The way to play Sam Loc is that all participants will be dealt cards equally, the hand behind tries to block the cards of the previous person. Whoever runs out of cards first in the game and does not fail according to regulations will win. 

This is very important, because many people have rotten 2, chopped gongs or other errors. This game is played a lot during holidays, New Year or in fun events such as weddings, festivals… creating the most exciting atmosphere. 

Basic game rules

If you don’t know how to play Sam Loc, you should watch carefully, because it’s just to help you master the rules of the game, to win as quickly as possible. When entering the game, there will usually be 2-4 people, and the number of cards received is 10. In the first game, the person with the weakest card will be the first to play. From now on, the previous winner will play first.

Sets of cards 

Like other games such as Mau Binh or Tien Len, the way to play Sam Loc is similar when the cards are dealt in the following order to ensure winning during the game:

  • Odd cards are also known as trash. It is understood that the leaves do not have pairs or pairs, do not form a set. The cards will be in order from 3 to 2, meaning card 3 will be the smallest and 2 will be considered the largest.
  • Pair: Understand as a pair of cards consisting of 2 cards of the same value. Similar to the card order, pair 2 is the strongest and pair 3 is the weakest.
  • Sam: There are sets of 3 cards with the same number, the order is the same as pairs and junk cards
  • Four of a kind: There is a set of 4 cards with the same number, the order of the cards is similar to above.
  • Straight: This is understood as a set of consecutive cards, at least 3 cards or more and will not be limited in quantity. The smallest straight starts with an Ace and the largest also ends with an Ace. That means the smallest is A23, the largest is QKA. Also there is no KA2. 

Basic terms

Any game has basic terms. Sam cyclone is the same, helping players become familiar with this game. And holding them helps you understand how to play Sam Loc more clearly and progress.

  • Winning white: Calculated when the 2nd quarter and the straight have 10 cards or the set of cards is not of the same suit but the same color or has 5 doubles and 3 shams. The order of priority for winning white is: straight – four of a kind, 2 – cards of the same color – 5 pairs.
  • Ask the village (steal the card): When the cards are dealt, the bettor will look at the cards and if no one can block their card from coming first, they can continue to play for someone else to block. Of course, if successful, you can eat all the rewards and vice versa, you will pay back the whole village

How to play Sam Loc card game

Sam cyclone is similar to moving forward. The next player will have the right to block the previous player’s card, and at the same time must block with a larger card or, if it is a pair, block with a pair, block with a sham, block with a straight. However, the length of the straight must be equal to the previous player’s or greater to be valid.
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When there is a set of four of a kind, you can block any 2 card or if the player has 2 of a kind, you can block a pair of 2. The way to play Sam Loc is quite different from Tien Tien. And when the betting hand plays a card that no one in the next 3 people can block, that hand will continue to play in the next turn without any problems.

A special thing about playing Sam Loc is that if the bettor comes first by playing a second card, the player is considered to have rolled a 2 and is not counted as a winner. Finally, when a player has only one card left, they must immediately report to the door handle to block and prevent someone from winning. If this is not possible, then the gatekeeper will have to pay the cards, calculated by the total number of cards of all players.

How to calculate points

In the way of playing Sam Loc, scoring is quite complicated for those new to this card game. Therefore, you need to pay attention to capture it to be able to create absolute victory with more rewards.

  • Normal winning game: The betting hand will be scored by the sum of the remaining cards in the hand and multiplying the pre-game bet plus 1 2 card and 1 four of a kind.
  • When winning white: Will be calculated by 20 cards and multiplied by the bet amount, which is 1 four of a kind and 1 2.
  • Ask for the village: You will receive 20 cards and multiply the bet if you successfully ask for the village.
  • Bet: The player pays 20 cards multiplied by the bet and the number of hands in the card game.
  • Hand of cards: Scored with 15 cards multiplied by the table bet, combined with an additional 2 card and 1 four of a kind.
  • If the four of a kind cuts 2, the score will be 15 cards.
  • When a four-of-a-kind cuts a four-of-a-kind, the bettor’s hand will be blocked and the score will be 10 cards.
  • If 2 is lost, the player will be deducted 5 points/piece.
  • Cut pile: Each cut will multiply 15 cards for each turn.

Notes when playing

When playing Sam Loc, players need to pay attention to a few factors that can determine the win or loss in each game. Players need to master these ways to play Sam Loc to ensure success rate.

Play in moderation

Players need to have a stopping point. They should not participate for too long because they will lose their inherent judgment and may make wrong decisions. If you stop at the right time, it will help you maintain your form, know how to bet appropriately and ensure your wallet is safe. 

Depends on the element of luck

The difference in playing Sam Loc is that this game depends a lot on the element of luck. If on a bad day you are dealt all bad cards, it will affect you and make you not play well. This is also common when each game has its own level of luck.

The best way is to play the big card first, then the small card, which will help you run more cards to come first. Besides, players can also avoid losing more bets. Because the way to play Sam Loc has regulations, if there is only 1 card left but it is higher, then the result is that someone else gets the card first, then you will have to pay for the whole village in that game.

Get the experiences

Learning from people with previous experience is the most effective method. Especially when new players feel unfamiliar with this game, it is difficult to optimize their cards.

When learning more from them, you will be taught enthusiastically about how to play Sam Loc, with tips to arrange and optimize your hand, to be able to win for yourself. This is the best method for anyone who is new to this card game.

Above, is How to play Sam Loc For those who want to participate in this game. Through the above sharing, I hope you have clearly understood the rules and effective methods to increase your chances of winning. Wishing you success and luck.

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