A Comprehensive Operating Advantage of Hengli Group

Hengli Group is an international enterprise that focuses on the full production chain in oil refining, petrochemical, polyester new materials and textiles. With its scale effect, first-class technology and supporting facilities, Hengli Group has a strong comprehensive operation advantage in the industry. Hengli Group can provide you with high-quality services to meet your production needs.

Hengli Group: Comprehensive Operating Advantages

  1. Top-notch production machinery, an established process package, and ongoing technological innovation and advancement
  2. A high-quality and effective production capacity structure, as well as a high-quality production line, have been laid out in the upper, middle, and lower reaches of the entire industrial chain of new polyester materials. These features include “large-scale equipment, large-scale production capacity, structural integration, advanced technology, green environmental protection, and complete supporting facilities.”
  3. The production procedure uses cutting-edge technology and processing scale. In terms of unit processing costs, product delivery cycles, product quality, and product diversity, it ensures the company’s scale advantages, operating efficiency, and more steady and superior quality performance.
  4. It has outstanding comprehensive operational advantages in terms of comprehensive cost savings, service quality performance, and operational efficiency improvement when combined with the industry’s most comprehensive supporting capabilities in power, energy, ports, terminals, tank farms, storage, and transportation, etc.
  5. To create effective business and cost synergy in the industrial park, the chemical, coal, and oil refining industries depend on and complement one another.


Hengli Group has been built on the core business, adhered to the industry, continually improved upon industry weaknesses, and created a development pattern for the entire industry chain “from a drop of oil to a piece of fabric” over the course of its 27-year development journey. Right now, the industrial chain’s many segments are all growing steadily and in unison.

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