A Detailed Guide About IGO From KuCoin

IGO is the abbreviation of Initial Game Offering. It is an emerging crypto asset related to the gaming project NFTs and tokens sold within online games. There is no end to the gaming industry, and the introduction of crypto in the gaming industry will increase the value of both. Not many Cryptocurrency exchanges offer trading and investment in IGO, but you can invest easily with the help of KuCoin. With IGO, you can easily purchase the in-game NFTs. KuCoin is the best crypto trading platform that provides the user with endless opportunities to invest in more than 600 coins and also provides risk-free ways to earn rewards.

It has many features, such as a crypto trading bot, real-time market price, etc., to support the trading process. This article will provide you with every detail about the IGO and why you should invest in it. So let’s begin.

What Is IGO?

IGO is the platform that allows the user to invest in gaming projects that provide and support NFTs and other tokens. With IGO, you can access the game-based NFTs, and there is no better platform than KuCoin for it. With KuCoin, it is much easier to get the NFTs, and there are different ways to purchase them. You can either directly buy them in a flat rate sale, can bid them in an auction, or can open the mystery boxes.

Pikaster is the first game to provide the pikaster NFTs using the IGO. This platform designs innovative games that are diverse and have creative ideas. The main goal of pilaster is to play truly and truly earn, and it is among the first GameFi projects. With IGO, the players can enjoy their favorite games and earn the reward in terms of financial gains.

How To Get The Pikaster NFT By KuCoin IGO?

You can easily get the Pikaster NFT from KuCoin IGO with a few clicks. IGO offers a Pikaster NFT in the Pikaster Original Egg that contains a random NFT. with 1 pilaster NFT, and you can enter the IGO closed beta test of new games.

You must have 3 pikaster NFTs to enter the IGO games where you can play more and earn more in different games.

IGO has 18,000 limited edition NFTs of pikaster and 10 super rare Evolved Pikaster NFTs. These NFTs will be available for sale in three rounds. The price of each pikaster egg is 30 USDT, and you can purchase 2 from one account in one round. Round 1 has already started on April 11, 2022.

Go to the KuCoin account and open the NFT tab. Then choose the Gaming/IGO to purchase the NFT egg.


The gaming industry is already bigger than the music and movie industry and is nowhere near its downfall. The investment in the gaming industry will result in high ROI in the coming future. The in-game NFTs can have significantly high demands because of their limited presence and high attraction among the gamers. KuCoin IGO is the best platform to invest in gaming NFTs, and you can expect exponential profits shortly.

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