Buying Led Strip Light: Buyer’s Guide

Looking for ways to decorate your home or office? This blog article provides a guide on what to look for when buying LED strip lights.

Things to Consider Before Buying LED Strip Lights

First of all, you should define the purpose of your LED strip lights. Is it for home use or commercial? What is the budget? How much power do you need to power up your LED strip lighting?

The next thing to consider is size and material. What is the length of your strip light, and what material should it be made from? Is it going behind a cabinet? Are they near water sources? Here are a few suggestions for finding suitable parameters for your  LED strip lights buying decision.

  1. Location

Location is the first thing you should consider when buying LED strip lights. The answer to these questions can help narrow your choice of LED strip lights.LED strips are ideal for a multitude of applications such as:

Under-cabinet lighting

Behind TVs and monitors

In closets, cabinets, and pantries (appliances)

Around stairways, hallways, or outdoor pathways for guests and residents

On walls under crown molding, signage, or to accent architecture on your building

  1. Functions & Aesthetic

Think about how you want your LED strip lights to perform when on. Do you need them to provide various colors and luminance according to music or a prearranged schedule? Think about if you want to see the strips when they are not turned on or if they should be hidden, so only the light’s glow is visible. This is especially important for clubs, restaurants, and hotels that prefer a more subtle display.

  1. Emotions

Lighting plays an essential role in setting the mood for a location. It is a valued skill on movie sets and the theater. Are you trying to have a more informal setting like a nightclub or something that stands out, like a sign with your restaurant name? What emotion are you trying to evoke in your home, work, or business setting?


Buying a strip light is an investment, and it’s important to ensure you buy the right one for your needs. So whether you want to purchase your first strip light or upgrade your current setup, check Refond for more information!

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