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DNL’s Heavy-Duty Jockey Wheel for Horse Trailers: Durability and Ease of Use

DNL is a reputable brand in the industry for sturdy and dependable trailer attachments. Their heavy-duty jockey wheel for horse trailers and heavy-duty trailer jack wheels are specifically designed to withstand the demands of equine transportation while providing durability and ease of use. Whether you own a horse trailer, box trailer, caravan, flat trailer, livestock trailer, or any other commercial trailer, DNL‘s heavy-duty jockey wheel is the perfect choice. Discover the exceptional qualities of DNL’s jockey wheel and why it guarantees a hassle-free and safe trailering experience by reading on.

Enhanced Durability for Robust Usage

DNL understands that horse trailers require accessories that can withstand rigorous usage. Their heavy-duty jockey wheel is built with durability in mind, ensuring it can handle the demands of frequent transportation. Constructed with high-quality materials, this jockey wheel is designed to provide long-lasting performance, giving you peace of mind during your journeys with your horses.

Easy to Use with an Ergonomic Knob

Operating a heavy trailer jack wheel can be a strenuous task if not designed with user comfort in mind. DNL addresses this concern by equipping their jockey wheel with an ergonomic knob. This feature ensures that users can operate the jockey wheel with ease, minimizing the feeling of tiredness during operation. With DNL’s heavy-duty jockey wheel, you can handle your horse trailer effortlessly, making your trailering experience more enjoyable.

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance with Hot Dip Galvanization

Trailering often involves exposing your equipment to challenging environments, including moisture, dirt, and road salt. DNL’s heavy-duty jockey wheel is equipped with hot dip galvanization, providing exceptional corrosion resistance. This protective coating ensures that the jockey wheel remains in top condition, even when faced with harsh elements. You can rely on DNL’s heavy-duty jockey wheel to deliver longevity and performance, no matter the conditions.


In conclusion, DNL’s heavy-duty jockey wheel for horse trailers offers durability, ease of use, and exceptional corrosion resistance. Designed to withstand robust usage, it ensures that you can rely on it for your horse transportation needs. The ergonomic knob provides effortless operation, minimizing fatigue during use. With hot dip galvanization, the jockey wheel exhibits outstanding corrosion resistance, ensuring its longevity and performance. Choose DNL’s heavy-duty jockey wheel for a safe and hassle-free trailering experience with your horses. Trust DNL to provide you with high-quality trailer accessories that exceed your expectations.

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