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Enhancing Business Collaborations with DAYA’s Series F Shallow Shower Tray

In the dynamic realm of shower tray solutions, DAYA introduces its distinguished Shallow Shower Tray Series F, a testament to innovation and user-centric design. The shallow shower tray, characterized by a classic and versatile shape, takes center stage, promising a seamless and accessible showering experience. For businesses targeting shower base wholesalers—companies seeking purchases, agents, and dealers—DAYA’s Series F is a game-changer.

Series F vs. Traditional Shower Trays: Unmatched Excellence

Unlike traditional shower trays, Series F from DAYA stands out for several compelling reasons. Its adaptability is a key feature, offering a range of popular sizes like the 1700 mm length while also providing customization options based on size, color, and more. This adaptability caters specifically to the diverse needs of businesses targeting shower base wholesalers, ensuring that the Series F can seamlessly integrate into various layouts and preferences.

Health, Safety, and Efficiency: Series F’s Winning Trio

What sets Series F apart is its unwavering commitment to health and safety standards. With anti-slip features meeting the une41901:2017 ex standard, users can enjoy a secure showering experience. Additionally, the Series F rectangular shower base undergoes testing for antibacterial activity in compliance with ISO 22196:2011 standards, ensuring a hygienic bathroom environment. This dedication to health and safety aligns perfectly with the requirements of businesses focusing on shower base wholesalers.


In conclusion, DAYA’s Shallow Shower Tray Series F transcends the realm of a mere product; it emerges as a strategic powerhouse for businesses targeting shower base wholesalers. Its adaptability, commitment to health and safety, and dedication to efficient collaboration redefine business partnerships in the shower tray industry. With 23 years of industry expertise, DAYA continues to set new standards in innovation and quality, making it the trusted choice for those seeking excellence in shower solutions.

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