Guide To Telecentric Lenses: Why You Should Care

This article provides information about telecentric lenses, specialized optical devices used to rectify the parallax in regular industrial lenses. Perspective errors are eliminated by telecentric lens systems since they can only collect light ray bundles that are collimated by their construction. They are therefore perfect for use in processes involving digital manufacturing and machine vision.

How do telecentric lenses help?

Telecentric lenses deliver better image quality than other lens types, resulting in sharper images and less distortion. They often result in less equipment and setup time needed for shooting and reduced photo editing time post-processing.

Aberrations can cause blurry or distorted photos, which can hurt your business. By correcting for aberrations with telecentric lenses, you can improve the quality of your images and ensure that they are accurate and clear. This is an important feature for any type of business.

Why you should care about telecentric lenses

  1. Telecentric lenses help create better overall image quality.
  2. They can help reduce distortion and improve clarity.
  3. They can produce sharper images overall.
  4. They can help reduce chromatic aberration (color fringing).


Telecentric lenses are gaining popularity in industrial applications because they offer some unique advantages that can make captured images look better. If you’re looking to increase efficiency with telecentric lenses in your business, be sure to consider SmartMoreInside.

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