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Hermetix: Your Expert Metal Packaging Manufacturer

Hermetix, a leading distributor of hermetic packages in Shanghai, is committed to delivering high-performance solutions to its customers. With nearly 25 years of experience as a metal packaging manufacturer, Hermetix‘s expertise covers all stages of production and inspection standards. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of Hermetix’s metal packaging, their unwavering commitment to quality, and their compliance with MIL standards.

Key Benefits of Hermetix Metal Packaging

Hermetix takes pride in providing a wide range of products, including Opto-Electronic Packages, TO Headers, Gold-Tin Lid Series, and Ceramic Packages. By offering a comprehensive catalog of open tooling products, they cater to the varying needs of their agents and dealers. This extensive product range enables clients to select the ideal package for their specific requirements, ensuring their satisfaction and success in the market.

Hermetix’s Commitment to Quality as a Metal Packaging Manufacturer

Unmatched Expertise

During the research and development stage, Hermetix’s team of expert engineers works closely with clients, providing them with insightful recommendations on materials, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Their knowledge and experience, gained over several decades, enable them to guarantee that every product sold by Hermetix meets the industry’s stringent requirements for high reliability and performance.

Quality Assurance

Hermetix ensures the quality of their products is of the utmost importance. Their rigorous inspection requirements ensure that every product they sell either meets or exceeds the industry’s standards. Additionally, their ties with the leading domestic manufacturers ensure that they can select the most appropriate manufacturer to bring their clients’ vision to life while adhering to the strictest quality requirements.


In summary, Hermetix is a reliable and experienced metal packaging manufacturer, offering solutions to agents and dealers. Their diverse product range, commitment to quality, and adherence to MIL-compliant standards make them an ideal partner for businesses seeking high-performance, cost-effective hermetic packages. Trust Hermetix to provide exceptional products and services that will help you excel in the growing market of metal packaging.

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