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iM3s from Edan: Redefining Portable Vital Signs Monitoring with its Unique Features

Edan‘s iM3s, the ultimate portable vital signs monitor that goes beyond traditional measurements. With its innovative features like Ward Round Mode and Tabletop Expansion, the iM3s sets a new standard in portable vital signs monitoring. This article explores the remarkable functionalities of Edan’s iM3s, highlighting its convenience, comprehensive patient data management, and versatile applications.

Ward Round Mode: Streamlined Patient Management at a Glance

Edan’s iM3s introduces the Ward Round Mode, revolutionizing patient management during rounds. The Patient List provides an overview of all patient beds, color-coded to indicate measuring status.  With just a quick glance, healthcare professionals can access comprehensive ward information, including vital sign measurements. Furthermore, the device securely stores measurements, allowing for easy generation of round reports directly from the device. This streamlines patient management, saves time, and enhances efficiency during ward rounds.

Tabletop Expansion: Versatility and Enhanced Functionality 

Edan’s iM3s goes beyond its handheld convenience through the Tabletop Expansion feature. By plugging the device into an optional tabletop dock, it seamlessly transitions into regular tabletop applications. This expansion unlocks a range of possibilities, including AC charging for extended use, optional thermal recording for additional data insights, and quick temperature measurements for a more comprehensive patient assessment.  The Tabletop Expansion feature enhances the device’s versatility, adapting to various healthcare settings and expanding its functionality to meet diverse clinical needs.


Edan’s iM3s is a game-changer in the realm of portable vital signs monitoring, offering unmatched convenience and versatility. Trust Edan’s iM3s for portable vital signs monitoring that prioritizes convenience, efficiency, and adaptability. With its Ward round mode and tabletop expansion, Edan’s iM3s is redefining the possibilities of portable vital signs monitoring, empowering healthcare professionals with advanced tools to deliver exceptional patient care.

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