Instructions from A-Z on how to play 3-card poker

How to play 3-card poker has the same rules as 5-card poker, the 5-card poker game that you often play at bookies. The article below NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP will guide you on how to play 3-card poker as well as tips on how to play the card game to win like a master.

A brief introduction to 3-card poker

In playing 3-card poker, the player must have enough playing money to use in placing bets and raising bets. For example: A player who places a bet of $100 must have at least $101 in his account, so that the player can place a raise bet when he decides to play that hand. So that his hand can win and if he wants to continue the game. play.

The purpose of 3-card poker is that players will use their 3 cards to beat the dealer. The dealer and player will be dealt 3 cards to each side by the machine, then compare scores like regular poker to determine winner or loser.

What are the rules of 3-card poker?

Although the card game rules are quite simple, when coming to 3-card poker, players will enjoy very interesting experiences.

3-card poker, like 7-card poker, uses a set of 52 cards when playing (minus the 2 Joker cards). After the game ends, the cards will be shuffled and refreshed to start the next game. In particular, straight cards at the same time will be stronger than flush cards.

The order from smallest to largest of the cards in 3-card poker will be as follows: From 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < J (Boi) < Q (Dam) < K (Old) < A(Xi) is the end. The Ace card will have the lowest value when having to match A, 2, 3 and the highest value when having Q, K, A.

How to play 3-card poker most accurately for beginners

Reputable Bookmaker will guide you on the easiest way to play 3-card poker with 3 steps:

Step 1: The player will bet on Placement (Ante)

Before starting the 3-card poker game, players will place a bet. Depending on your strategy or preferences, you can choose and bet.

Step 2: Dealer begins to deal cards

After completing step 1, the dealer begins to deal the cards. In playing 3-card poker, for the player, the 3 cards he owns will be revealed publicly. As for the dealer, 3 cards will be turned face down to ensure game secrecy. At this time, depending on the position of the cards, players will make different betting actions. Specifically:

  • Place a Raise: If you feel that your 3 cards are good and can win, you can use an amount equal to the placed bet and “Raise”.
  • Fold: When you feel that the cards you are dealt are of small value and have no chance of winning, you can choose to fold. Of course after you quit, you will lose all the money you bet on.

The dealer must own at least 1 card with a value higher than or equal to Q. If not, the player will be refunded the amount of bet and reservation by the house, winning at a ratio of 1: 1. Only when the house’s cards are qualified can the game be compared. .
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Step 3: Compare cards and reward players

After raising and betting, according to the 3-card poker method, one of the following cases will occur in the game:

  • The more valuable a pair of cards a player owns, the higher the house’s odds of winning
  • The player with a higher hand than the dealer has a 1:1 chance to win the bet
  • The dealer has a stronger hand: The player will lose the entire place bet and raise bet.
  • The dealer and you have an equal position: The player will receive a refund of that bet.
  • The player chooses to bet on a pair: then the player must own 1 pair or greater to win. Your winning rate will be higher if your hand is larger even if you fold or lose that hand.
  • The dealer and the player here have the same cards: At this point, we will compare those cards. Whichever side has the greater value wins. If the 3 cards on both sides are equal, continue comparing cards until the next highest card is determined.

Tips for playing 3-card bets to ensure winning from betting experts

Choose game levels appropriate to your ability

Don’t choose a table that’s too advanced and difficult or too simple for your ability.

If you bet with a master, you will easily lose and become discouraged. Playing with people of lower level is not fun and you can’t learn anything. So, find a suitable table with the same ability as you.

Understand the rules of the game

Currently, there are many casino card game portals that allow players to participate in 3-card poker. Each bookmaker will have different regulations and betting levels. Accordingly, the first thing you need to understand is the rules of that game so you can easily win.


Above are all the ways to play 3-card poker and the sure-to-win rules that NEW88 would like to introduce to you. Don’t hesitate to try this game with easy rules and easy to win big like this right now.

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