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Tsingke’s Oligo Synthesis: Precision and Versatility in Molecular Biology

Oligos, short chains of nucleotides, are indispensable tools in molecular biology, offering versatility and scalability for various research applications. Tsingke’s Oligo Synthesis services provide molecular bench scientists with customizable options to meet their evolving research needs, ensuring high-quality results with precision and reliability.

Tailored Solutions for Molecular Research

In the realm of molecular biology, flexibility is key, and Tsingke‘s Oligo Synthesis services offer just that. With the ability to tailor oligo length to specific research requirements and scalable production to meet quantity needs, researchers have the flexibility they need to advance their studies. Whether used as primers in PCR or customized for gene sequencing and diagnosis studies, Tsingke’s oligos deliver consistent and reliable results.

Advanced Technology for Quality Assurance

Tsingke’s commitment to quality is evident in its ISO 13485 certification from SGS, serving over 500 IVD companies. Utilizing over 200 chemical modifications and multiple purification options, Tsingke ensures that each oligo product meets the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Rigorous quality control methods, including 100% mass spectrometry analysis and additional detection options, guarantee the integrity of every oligo synthesized by Tsingke.


In conclusion, Tsingke’s Oligo Synthesis services offer precision, versatility, and reliability for molecular bench scientists. With customizable options, advanced technology, and stringent quality control measures, Tsingke empowers researchers to push the boundaries of molecular biology research with confidence. Join Tsingke in harnessing the power of oligo synthesis for transformative discoveries in molecular biology.

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