Twelve Best AR Apps for Education 

There is no denying the fact that augmented reality is profoundly changing the educational world. The AR applications enhance classroom learning by allowing the teachers to grasp the students’ attention seamlessly.

The importance of AR has increased fourfold, and this is the reason the revenue of the AR and VR market is projected to reach $31.12 billion in 2023. Therefore, it is safe to say that it is important to make use of AR applications to stay abreast with the latest technology.

Teachers should also start using augmented reality applications and get students excited about their academics. Moreover, by using augmented reality applications, teachers can make their lectures engaging and inspire students to learn more.

Top 12 AR Applications That Are Revolutionizing Education

We have listed some of the best AR applications that you can download today and ensure your students enjoy learning like never before.


Immerse is a great application that makes learning simple but compelling. It teaches the kids about STEM using interesting ways. Its facts and information accompany 3D models of animals and machines. If you want to make science interesting for kids, you should use this application.

But ensure you have a speedy internet connection like Cox Communications. The provider offers up to 1000 Mbps internet speed, so you can easily use this application in the classroom. Moreover, the great thing about using Cox internet is that you get access to more than 4 million Wi-Fi hotspots across America. For more information about its internet packages, you can visit its website.

LEO AR Education

LEO AR education is an interesting application that adds animals and fairy tale princesses to this world. It is best for kids below five as it helps broaden their horizons of imagination. This application can take turn your device’s screen into a window through which the students can see the fantastical world. You just need to align your device’s camera with the surface on which the creatures will appear.


This application uses AR to bring your drawings to life. It offers unique animations, but you have to pay to access the entire collection. Therefore, your students have to download and print the coloring sheet from its website and every sheet has a unique coloring code. When the students have drawn, they can scan the QR code, and it will animate a virtual object of the drawing. For example, a drawing circle can turn into a sphere.

Arvid Augmented Reality

ARvid is an interactive AR application that ensures that students interact with animals, buildings, cities, and several other objects. This application helps young minds to create their artistic scenes. Your students will surely stay entertained and will aspire to learn more.


Needless to say, kids love painting walls, and now with this application, you can provide them with that experience. WorldBrush allows children to paint the entire environment the way they like. In addition, the application is easy to use, and students can share their artwork with their classmates as well.

Arility Safety Education

This application uses the power of augmented to teach students road safety lessons. It offers 360 degrees visuals and exciting sound effects to improve the students’ learning experience. Your students can directly interact with the avatars and identify their safer choices. Arility Safety Education is a highly engaging application that produces better outcomes because students can make safer road choices for themselves.

Experience Real History

We know that most students hate history because historical events involve a lot of memorizing information. Furthermore, the text-based information makes the classroom boring. So, if you are a history teacher, you should use Experience Real History.

This application uses reality-based to create historically accurate scenes powered by AI. This gives students a unique insight into the courses. In addition, students can also see the time zones and different historical figures and retain what they have learned.

Anatomy 4D

This is another application that helps medical students learn about the human body through virtual reality. Anatomy 4D covers all the topics of the skeletal system and the digestive system. In addition, students can also learn to dissect the human body because real experiences are offered. It also displays a complete human body, making it easier for the students to explore and learn more about it.


This application is interesting as it takes students on a shopping trip to outer space, where the students can practice their negotiating skills. They can easily purchase alien gadgets and other stuff. Starshopper is specially designed for kids, but adults can also enjoy using it. The major benefit of using this software is that students can learn how to manage their finances.


Wonderscope allows the students to see the stories all around them. So, opening the application in the classroom allows the children to engage with the characters and talk to them. The stories also pose certain problems the students have to resolve, so they learn problem-solving skills as well.


This application is ideal for students and teachers because it helps the instructor by offering engaging lesson plans for all subjects. So the teachers can make their lectures interesting. In addition, this application helps the student learn the course content through inquiry-based learning. It encourages their design thinking by providing aesthetic visuals.

CoSpaces Edu

This is an excellent application for adult students as it helps them develop their coding skills and digital literacy. Who knew coding could be fun? However, with this application, students can learn coding. This application also offers features such as gaming, storytelling, virtual tours, and so much more. However, you are required to pay $74.99 per year to use this application.

In Brief

The education system has significantly improved, and the credit goes to augmented reality. The advanced applications improve the learning opportunities for the students and make classrooms interesting. So, if you want to make your lecture engaging, ensure you use the above-mentioned applications. We bet your students would love attending your classes. All the applications are easily available on the application play store, so downloading them is not a hassle.

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