What Makes A Good AED?

With the popularization of heart health knowledge, more and more people are aware of the importance of heart health, and the “magic weapon” to rescue cardiac arrest, AED, is more familiar to people. Mindray, the leading AED company, is here today to introduce why their products have become the first choice in major applications.

An intelligent system with concise guidance

Considering that most people are not trained in first aid, Mindray has developed an intelligent guide system based on the results of a large number of user behavioral and psychological studies to guide each rescue step.

Through animation and voice assistance, it can help rescuers to quickly complete the rescue. The impact of this technology is important, because not everyone has the medical knowledge, and the wrong use of AEDs may even bring irreparable harm to the patient. Correct and easy-to-understand guidance is vital for AEDs set up in public places.

Excellent energy management system

AEDs, as emergency equipment residents in public places, require special management to ensure that they are functioning properly when they are needed.

Since AEDs are used relatively infrequently, to further reduce maintenance costs, Mindray has developed a management system that can quickly check whether each device is in order and the power level of the electrode pads and batteries. Such a management system helps to improve the maintenance efficiency of the AED system, and also guarantees the stability of the AED operation.

Seek further information about Mindray’s AED at their official website!

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