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Exploring the Great Outdoors? Don’t Forget the Outdoor Power Station!

It’s necessary to stay connected and powered up when exploring the beauty of the natural world. When camping, traveling, or embarking on an excursion, having a reliable power supply is extremely important. Foxtheon has a outdoor power station intended to meet all of your outdoor power needs. Based on its vast storage capacity, several output ports, and convenient transportation, the iGo 3600 is the ideal companion for your outdoor excursions.

Discover the iGo 3600’s Potential

The iGo 3600 has a gigantic 3600Wh lithium-ion battery pack with a pure sine wave inverter, that delivers a total of 3200W continuous power and 3800W surge power. This outdoor power station is capable of charging and power a variety of electronic devices via its output ports, which consist of an AC outlet(s), USB-A, USB-C, DC, ECS, and Cigarette Lighter. The iGo 3600 can handle everything from computers and cellphones to recording devices, power equipment, as well as huge household appliances.

Power On-the-Go, Wherever You Are

The iGo 3600 ensures that you will not dry out of power when you are traveling. It could be just recharged either an AC wall socket or a suitable solar panel , offering you power source versatility. The LED display displays battery level, input/output wattage, and other essential information in the present moment, letting you to properly control your power operation.


Enjoy the wonderful outdoors without being hampered by a lack of electricity. The Foxtheon iGo 3600 outdoor power station is a stable and adaptable power source that ensures a worry-free adventure. The iGo 3600 is the best assistant for unexpected backup power, off-grid living options, and remaining connected during outdoor activities. Unlock limitless possibilities in the great outdoors by immersing yourself in the iGo 3600’s simplicity, power, and mobility.

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