How Automatic Capsule Counters Help Healthcare Companies

Capsule counters are one of the essential pieces of equipment in a factory that makes capsules. However, these machines used to be quite complex and time-consuming to operate. With the help of automatic capsule counters, pharmaceutical companies can easily count every capsule produced on their production line, making it much easier to manage their inventory.

Automated Capsule Counters: What They Do

Automated capsule counters help healthcare companies keep track of the dosages of medications and other medical products. The counters are equipped with sensors that read the number of capsules or tablets that have been dispensed.

The Benefits of Automatic Capsule Counters

-Cost-effective Solution: The hand counting technique is cumbersome and an automatic style of counting can save both labour and costs.

-Precise counting system less susceptible to errors- The tablet counting and filling machine guarantees an error rate of less than 1% and this level of accuracy is due to its advanced state-of-the-art technology. The programmed framework can even alert of the broken capsules while counting.

-Time Efficiency: The tablet counting device is highly reliable for bulk processing and there is no starting and stopping due to errors.

How Auto Capsule Counters Help Large Pharmaceutical Companies

Large pharmaceutical companies often have to produce hundreds of thousands or even millions of capsulesdailyy. This can be a time-consuming and costly process, and it’s important for these companies to ensure that their capsules are correctly filled and sealed. Automatic capsule counters help to automate this process by counting and tracking the number of capsules produced each day. This information can then be used to ensure that the capsules are correctly filled and sealed and that they produce the correct amount of medication.


Tablet counting is a very important aspect as it can reflect the production rate. The hi-tech designed machine allows the counting and filling at a high speed and is used in various industries like pharmaceuticals, food, chemical engineering, and the health care sector. With the automatic capsule counters of Pharmapack, however, this process becomes much easier.

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