Online Sicbo New88: Easily experience making real money New88

Online Sicbo New88 is a fun and exciting casino card game. With a combination of luck and skill, players have the opportunity to experience the fun and challenge of predicting the results of three dice. Let’s learn about the exciting online Sicbo game New88.com here.

What kind of game is New88 online Sicbo?

Casino games like online Sicbo New88 are no longer strange to those who love online gambling to make real money. Sicbo online offers a unique and new experience in the casino world.

Online Sicbo, also known as Sic Bo or Sic Bo, is a special game with dice. Each dice has 6 sides, each side is printed with dots from 1 to 6. This is a simple game, easy to guess, but still stimulating with elements of chance and red and black.

Although originating from China, online Sicbo quickly became a popular game in online casinos around the world. If you are fed up with traditional card games, Sicbo will be the top attractive choice for you.

In the online Sicbo game, the casino uses 3 dice and shakes them in an object such as a tube or bowl. Each dice has 6 sides, each side has a score from 1 to 6. Players place bets on the results they predict will appear. Results are based on the total number of dots on the 3 dice sides.

If the total score from 3 sides is from 4 to 10, the result is under. If the total score from 3 sides is from 11 to 17, the result is over. Online Sicbo New88 offers exciting and challenging games, satisfying even the most demanding players.

Outstanding features of online Sicbo New88

Terms commonly used in online Sicbo New88

When it comes to online Sicbo rules, players need to master common terms. These are terms used frequently by bookmakers and players, and if not clearly understood, it will be difficult to place bets.

Dice: This term refers to dice. The dice have a cube shape with 6 sides, each side has a value from 1 to 6, represented by small dots.

Tai: Also known as “Big”. This is the result when the total score of the three dice is between 11 and 17. The player only receives the winnings once.

Under: Also known as “Small”. This is the result when the total score of the three dice is between 4 and 10. The player only receives the winnings once.

Storm lottery: This term is used when a player bets that three dice will have the same value. For example, when all three dice have a value of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Because the chance of winning the lottery is very low, the payout rate is often high, up to 30 times.
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Doors in Sicbo online New88

Over: Betting on the total score of the three dice from 11 to 17 is Over.

Under: Betting on the total score of the three dice from 4 to 10 is Under.

Even: Bet on the total score of the three dice, after shaking, an even number will be the Even number.

Odd: Bet on the total score of the three dice, which after shaking will yield an odd number, which is Odd.

Bet on the number of points: Bet on this to predict the numbers appearing on the three dice sides from 1 to 6, respectively.

Total bet: Bet on the total score of the three dice immediately after shaking.

Same pair bet: Bet on this if the player predicts there will be two identical dice faces among the three dice.

Triple bet: Bet on this if the player predicts that three dice have the same value.

Detailed rules for playing the online Sicbo game New88

The dealer will take on the task of shaking the dice in the online Sicbo game. A set of playing equipment consisting of a sealed shaker and three dice will be used by the dealer. After shaking the dice, the dealer will place them on the betting table. Players just need to predict the results and choose the appropriate bet after the results are revealed.

At the end of the betting time, the house’s system will lock the betting table. The dealer will announce the results and if a player wins the bet, the system automatically calculates and rewards the player at the rate corresponding to the bet.

Players will lose their bets and money if they bet on doors that do not appear. Online Sicbo games take place continuously, allowing players to participate at any time at New88.

The rules of Sicbo are quite simple and players need to have their own tips and apply them when participating. You can refer to and learn more about playing Sicbo online from experienced players.

What are the benefits of playing Sicbo online New88?

First, playing Sicbo online helps players relax and relieve stress after tiring working hours. This game has average difficulty, suitable for entertainment and comfort for the mind.

Second, playing Sicbo online helps practice perseverance. This game is suitable for those who want to practice perseverance, because it requires players to be patient and not give up. Successfully passing the stage of learning how to play Sicbo will help players develop useful perseverance in life.

Finally, playing Sicbo online offers convenience and flexibility. Players can join the game anywhere. You can play Sicbo online during your lunch break at the office, or after tiring hours of work right in your bed. You can play Sicbo online at any time, day or night, as long as you have a phone connected to the internet.

Online Sicbo New88 is an interesting and convenient entertainment game. With the ability to help relax and relieve stress, players can enjoy enjoyable hours after tiring working days. Online Sicbo at New88 is a great choice for those who love the game and seek entertainment and challenge.

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