What is a penalty card bet? Standard way to calculate and predict odds

For those of you who have been betting on soccer for a long time, it’s impossible that you haven’t heard about penalty cards, right? This is a type of bet that is quite popular in soccer betting, if you are new and do not have any experience or knowledge about it. Penalty card betting Don’t miss 6789BET content today.

What is a penalty card bet?

Bet on penalty cards also known as Total bookings, this is also called yellow card bets, red card bets. When playing this bet, the player will predict and bet on the number of yellow and red cards that may appear during the match.

Regardless of the results of the two teams winning or losing, it does not have much effect on whether the player receives a reward or not. Therefore, people do not need to carefully calculate how many goals the two teams score and which team dominates.

Many people feel that this is a very interesting type of football bet, people can predict through the characteristics of the match, player personality and penalty taking history. And often, predicting penalty features like this attracts and stimulates many players.

Not to mention, in a football match, many unexpected elements will appear. The progress and results of the match can be affected by external factors, so there can be many situations that can occur. Make sure that card betting can bring interesting betting results to players.

In general, the work to do when betting on penalty cards is quite simple. People can predict more gently than other bets. Importantly, many bookmakers also offer extremely attractive payouts, helping players have a more enjoyable experience when playing card odds.

Types of penalty card bets

Popular types of bets when playing penalty card bets

Asian odds

Similar to other types of soccer bets, card bets will also have soccer odds that everyone needs to pay attention to. When placing a bet, everyone bets similarly to the Handicap bet. When playing red card bets and yellow card bets, the over/under ratio will also be divided between the teams participating on the field.

Bet calculations will also depend on the result of a penalty card after 90 minutes of official football match time. When players are still confused and do not understand the rules, immediately remember the betting rules as follows:

  • A yellow or red card is counted only when given within the field of play. As for penalty cards given by the coach or to substitute players, they are not counted.
  • Yellow cards count as 1 point, red cards count as 2 points. Based on this scoring rule, players can calculate the total score of the match.

When playing the yellow card and red card bet with the first half/full match card odds, the player must predict the total number of penalty cards in the first half or 90 minutes of play for the whole match in which both teams will receive an even number. or odd.

When betting on the first card/last card bet, everyone will have to predict and bet on which team will receive the first penalty card. And colored cards will not be counted.

Over/under card betting

According to general rules, the over/under bet is the over/under bet. The house will provide an odds table for players to refer to, and everyone will make predictions about the total number of cards drawn by the referee during the match.

Based on such available information, everyone just needs to bet on whether the number of cards the referee draws is more or greater than the number given by the house. Everyone will be able to bet and get results according to the first half or the end of the match.

In addition to the two types of card bets above, there are actually many other soccer card bets. People can predict and participate in betting in many different forms. Specifically:

  • Which team is the first penalty bet and which team is the last card?
  • Predict the color of the penalty card that will be drawn first by the referee
  • Predict the color of the penalty card last drawn by the referee
  • Predict whether each team will receive an even or odd number of penalty cards
  • Predict what minute of the match the penalty card will be issued.
  • Predict who will receive a penalty card while participating in an official competition.


And there are many other forms and bets. This also depends on the house where the player participates in betting. Everyone can learn more about the rules and procedures that the house can provide to players.

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How to calculate penalty card odds

The formula for calculating bets when playing penalty bets is calculated as follows:

Profit = Bet capital x penalty card odds

And the interest that a player can receive when a winning bet depends largely on the rate that the bookmaker provides to the player. That’s why people need to choose the bookmaker. Find out the most official and specific information to complete the information and comments from the house.

The numbers that people receive when they win a bet, sometimes they mean more than just a number. Everyone can improve and change them.

By improving the ability to play card betting and making specific calculations for yourself, everyone can improve the amount of profit they receive when winning bets.

Things to note when playing card betting

If you are a football lover and also want to participate in betting on penalty cards, this is the biggest advantage for you to win the bet. When people understand who is most likely to get booked, betting will become much easier.

Normally, defenders will receive a much higher penalty card than other members of the team. This is not vague information, there has been research based on season data that defenders often make mistakes and often receive more penalties.

In addition, the tendency to get booked is not only for defenders, but in general, teams with weaker strength tend to get booked. This does not mean that strong teams are favored or favored. It’s because they easily make mistakes and get caught, and because they don’t skillfully block attacks from strong teams, the referee draws a penalty card.

Therefore, when playing card betting, people need to find out information and evaluate the potential and abilities of the teams. To get the closest judgment to the actual results. Although we said above that betting is not as much work as when playing other types of soccer betting, this market also has certain requirements for people to make the right betting decisions.

Players should choose the match that suits them, the match with appropriate odds. That means people should choose famous matches and big matches to bet on. Because information about the team and the match is always updated regularly. Easy to learn and doesn’t take too much time.

Not to mention, with famous bookmakers, they also have their own experts, as well as regularly share related betting information. People can take advantage of this point to improve their judgment ability.

By choosing the right odds, everyone can have time to get used to it, focus on betting and have more solid information when playing. Everyone should be prepared. If you are still unfamiliar with that bet, then focus more.

Above is the information soccer betting, our sharing about card betting. Hopefully everyone can find a more fun and interesting experience with this type of card betting. This is a type of bet worth learning and experiencing. Wishing everyone a happy experience.

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