Automobile – air conditioning of the motor vehicle

The necessity of Automobile Air-Conditioning: Due to varying conditions of heating, ventilating, cooling, and dehumidification in the atmosphere at various places, it is necessary to be conditioned the air in automobiles. To maintain human comfort and improve the internal atmosphere in an enclosed space, proper control of freshness temperature, humidity, and cleanliness of air is required. For this reason, Automobile air-conditioning is necessary for vehicles.

The main components of Auto Air- Condition is:

  1. Compressor
  2. Magnetic clutch
  3. Condenser
  4. Receiver or dehydrator
  5. Expansion valve
  6. Evaporator
  7. Such on throttling valve

Compressor: The compressor in the Auto Air- Condition system is a belt-driven engine crankshaft pulley. A magnetic clutch engages the compressor shaft. When the voltage is applied to the compressor clutch coil was sufficient the compressor and pulley rotate together as one unit.

Magnetic Clutch: The electrically controlled magnetic clutch is housed in pulley assembly and a switch is on the controlling panel. This clutch is engaged or disengaged depending upon the temperature of the air. Bellow 40 ºF. The compressor cannot be operated. Above 55ºF this switch closes and completes the circuit to the compressor clutch.

Condenser: It is usually placed in front of the car and it looks like a Fin-and tube radiator. The condenser receives heated and compressed gas from the compressor and is cooled by the air passing across the condenser. The refrigerant is now in the form of high-pressure liquid which is fed into the receiver drier Unit.

Reservoir or Dehydrator: The refrigerant is stored under pressure in the Receiverdrier. The drier removes any traces of moisture present in the system to avoid freezing moisture at low temperatures and thus clogging the lines. It causes running troubles.

Expansion Valve: In the expansion valve high pressure liquid is converted into the low-pressure liquid then the refinement flow into the evaporator

Evaporator: The evaporator unit where the cooling effect is obtained is usually located inside the passenger compartment below the dashboard. A high-capacity blower circulates the air in the car interior across the evaporator coils and drops the temperature of the air inside the passenger compartment. The heat picked by the refrigerant goes back to the compressor in the vapor form, where the refrigerant is again compressed to high pressure and the cycle starts again.

Suction throttle valve: It ensures that the refrigerant the evaporator says at such a pressure that the evaporator core surface temperature does not fall below the freezing point of water (0°c), thus preventing ice formation in the evaporator.


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