Painting of automobile


The corrosive nature of a metal used in a motor body construction necessitates the application of an anti-corrosion coating. For this reason, the painting should be done.

The function of Painting:

  1. It reduces corrosion and protects the vehicle’s body.
  2. It is used for cleanliness. 3. It is used for aesthetic appearance.
  3. It is used to reduce the friction due to the aerodynamic drag and allow the vehicle in streamlining.
  4. It is used for identification purposes.

Requirements for Good Painting:

  1. It should be anticorrosive nature.
  2. It should protect the hidden parts also from corrosion.
  3. It should have an esthetic appearance.
  4. It should be a smooth finish for streamlining.
  5. It must reduce the aerodynamic drag.

Main Constituents of paints:

  1. Pigments
  2. Drying oil
  3. Thinners
  4. Dry Extenders
  5. Plasticizers
  6. Resins.

Reason for failures of paints:

  1. Not proper cleaning of the body before painting
  2. Not covering dents or spots.
  3. Not using proper good quality paint
  4. Not applied the pretreatment with zinc phosphate

Different Types of Painting

  1. Spray paint
  2. Hand paint

Spray Painting procedure: Nowadays spray paintings are largely used. The procedure is as follows:

  1. First of all the old paint should be scrapped with the help of scrappers
  2. If there is a nail or any obstruction they will be removed with the help of pincers
  3. The removal of old paint must be by application of caustic soda solution and spirit solutions.
  4. In some portions, heating is necessary with the help of a blowlamp for the removal of old paint.

5. The surface should be cleaned from dirt, dust, rust, grease, etc.

  1. The surface should maintain a perfect level from any kind of bends.
  2. Then once again clean with red oxide.
  3. Afterward, Duco paints or Delux paints or the required color may be sprayed on the vehicle as the primary coating.
  4. After the first coating is over we must see the variations of the surface clearly and apply the second coating and it will finish the painting job and gives a beautiful appearance.
  5. Then decoration and letter writing finishes the body paint.
  6. Finally, polish the vehicle thoroughly.

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